The Brand NEW! Single entitled: “WINE YOU & DINE YOU” scheduled for sales Spring of 2014…

DANTE JORDAN is in rare form on the last collaboration done with David “Davinch” Chance & “Beanie Man” who Rips a raw and stimulating reggae verse and totally lifts the groove of this HIT to an international level…


From the urban streets of Baltimore comes a Classic American R&B duo, consisting of original member, Dante “Chi” Jordan and new member Will “Star” Carter from ruff streets of Baltimore. They’re best known for the hit songs “No More”, which rings the airwaves as a superb street club banger, “Someone To Love You” and “Love Crimes” crept “Top-10 Pop” by the mere brilliance of their performance. Their raw cutting edge voices gives hint to the origin of their name and style.

Love Crimes released in (2000)‘ followed by “Someone To Love You” released in 2002, which featured the group’s unique ability to connect to the Hip-Hop crowd and R&B/Pop lovers.

Ruff Endz – originally started in 1994, and connected in South Western Senior High School in Baltimore, where they graduated and were voted most likely to succeed. They began their quest to become one of America’s prime R&B icons, but the surprise to “CHI” was that they were being played heavily on POP Radio. The unique twist to “Ruff Endz” R&B sound is accomplished by adding a touch of natural street vibes and a splash of soulful love & pain. They deliver the cutting edge sound of the Baltimore experience to their fans. And the fans simply love Ruff Endz!

Hit Albums
* Love Crimes (2000)
* Someone To Love You (v) (2002)
* Greatest Hits (2003)

* The Final Chapter (2010)

Hit Singles

* 2000: “No More (Shopping Spree)” #5 US, #1 R&B, #11 UK[4]

* 2000: “Where Does Love Go From Here

* 2001: “Cash Money Cars Clothes” (ft. Memphis Bleek) #69 R&B

* 2002: “Someone To Love You (v) (This video version is still a smash with the ladies around the world.

* 2002: “Someone To Love You (mp3)” #49 U.S. #12 R&B

* 2003: “Love Session” (Ghostface Killah featuring ”Ruff Endz‘)

* 2010: WINE YOU & DINE YOU A Dance-Hall flavored track (ft. BEANIE MAN)

Ruff Endz‘- is solid as a rock, New Album “Ruff Endz” set for 2013 release…

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